2019 TNT Muscle Showdown


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EVENING SHOW VIDEOPre-Order Your Digital Download and relive the exciting times from the COMPLETE Evening Show of the 2019 TNT MUSCLE SHOWDOWN, with all the classes from Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Physique, Figure, Fitness, Bikini and much more! Don’t miss out on this precious keepsake and unforgettable moment, order your video Now!

INDIVIDUAL WALK OUT AND POSING VIDEO – Pre-Order Your Digital Download of Your Individual Walk and Routine On Stage!  You’ve spent weeks, months, even years perfecting your walk, your routine, your posing and your body! Finally the moment when you walk out on stage and have your family and friends see all the sacrifices and hard work come together. Let 6weeksout capture and edit this memorable moment for you!

JUDGE CRITIQUING VIDEOPre-Order Your Judge Critiquing Video Now! Hard work, determination, and sacrifice for the sport you love is not built overnight. It is important to have feedback in our sport and to have an expert official from the CPA critique your physique, your stance, and your overall look! This will give you, your coach the information you need to work on things and help you be a better version of yourself the next time you walk on stage.


What makes TNT Muscle different? It’s not just the amount of experience and professionalism TNT Muscle has collectively. Let’s talk about the naturally occurring theme song from ACDC! THAT is the energy you will experience first hand at the event! No question TNT Muscle will bring it full on from electric guitar solos to a dynamic high energy emcee, integrating a family friendly environment with an edge that will leave those attending feeling exhilarated.

“We are paying attention to every detail from medal and award design to a heavy hand in operations, creating efficient process and solutions for things to run methodically. No stone is being left unturned to achieve this. We are hand selecting those to support the outcome we intend to achieve, it’s taking a village to pull this off and we are making our team extraordinary.”

Setting up the competitors for success is paramount and TNT Muscle will always put on a comprehensive posing seminar prior to the event. TNT Muscle wants to contribute to the competitors’ preparation process, not just the event day. Watch for details on social media.

TNT Muscle will ensure no one is walking out empty handed. Exhibitor samples, event t-shirts, goodie bags, special awards, medals for top 5, trophies and travel vouchers for overalls, sponsored classes will receive additional prizing, Bose speakers have already been obtained for classes, candid photo props are in the works including a (fake) old school Thomas Inch 300 pound dumbbell that your 2 year old could lift, dynamic backdrops, stage sparklers/fog and more (they are just getting started).

TNT Muscle looks forward to seeing you all there!

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Evening Show Video, Custom Walk Out and Posing Video, Judge Critiquing Video, Bundle Package